Today I received my first book review, for my sci fi book

The reviewer is from Reader’s Favorites a website that reviews books.
I have included the review, plus my response.
At the end is a link to the online review.
Thanks Readers Favorites (check them out.)


Reviewed By Cheryl Schopen for Readers’ Favorite

Being a bookworm and lover of libraries, I was instantly drawn to this short story and its distinctive title. I saw Library Planet and thought what a wonderful place this might be. An entire planet full of books sounds amazing. However, I could only give it 3 stars after reading it.

Honestly, I had a hard time following it. Although I appreciate the uniqueness of the writing style and the way the characters communicate, it also made it difficult to understand and stay interested in at times. I also found it challenging to get into the plot. There just wasn’t enough of a storyline in my opinion. I kept expecting something more exciting to happen, especially within the science fiction genre.

In addition, I didn’t really get the ending. Cous is the man’s wife? And I feel like the bolt has some kind of significance, but I wasn’t really sure. Was it booklet? It seemed a bit vague, which can be great for a lot of short stories, but I was kind of left scratching my head, a bit confused.

That being said, I absolutely love the idea behind the book. One man collecting all books, texts, and writings from everywhere imaginable and creating basically a planet for them is just such an interesting concept. I just think that there could be more of a conflict or more engaging characters to keep readers hooked and wanting to read more. And if it’s going to be centered on one character, I think readers should feel attached to him or at least think of him as a relatable character.

My Response

Part of the writing style, is what I imagine it to be in the future – so that, though not spelled out, is why the text is so compact and full.
The ending is there, though subtle. Booklet as was her people, was a match maker, and part of the quest was to find him a wife.
This is a ghost story / sci fi novel, where the planet is a major story. I sure had fun imagining all the federation libraries that Street and Smith bought (note his name is the major pub of pulp magazines).
I didn’t want a life threatening episodic piece, because in this time most live long lives – they are more concerned for small noises like bolts falling off a shelf.
I purposely left many things up in the air, because that is so much fun.
Thanks for reading it. All my best, Tom.

[For the most part, most of my work, whether writing, music, art, or other ideas, gets a similar response of “it’s not what is usually done, it’s not what is expected, Why is it different? And I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t get it.]


Library Planet* Co


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