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Library Planet, This is my first streaming novel I’ve published.

February 24, 2015

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! My first book, a short novel titled, LIBRARY PLANET is now published on line and streaming at Amazon (it will be at all the others within a few weeks.).
The price is very reasonable at $1.99!

Library Planet Co
Go here and you can preview the first chapter. and search Library Planet + Tom Hendricks
Above the cover of the book on Amazon, is a sign that says “Look Inside”. That leads you to the first chapter.

The last Musea was the 8 doors issue. Door #5 was all about Library Planet.  Here is an excerpt.

Door 5. SCI-FI NOVELLA / (booklet?)
Look for my first streaming novel being posted soon. Title:LIBRARY PLANET, Download it and read it at most all major book sites such as iBooks, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Copia, Bookbaby, etc.

Library Planet is a sci-fi adventure, a gothic tale of suspense, a mystery, a quest, a romance, and a thousand libraries to house them in – a story so vast it requires a …

Though it is a complete short novel in itself, Library Planet is also an excerpt from a longer work in progress titled ‘Writings In Science.’
The premise of ‘Writings in Science’ is this:
Millions of years from now the Earth is dying and in the rush to flee the planet, 1 man collects his favorite ‘writings in science’ to preserve Earth’s legacy.
“Imagine, like I did, a time in the future/ close to the end of a dying sun/ when we are now preparing to leave/ this our home for other worlds./ What will we take when we leave? – signed “I”.
For us the reader, he has assembled a ‘history of the future’.

PS, Library Planet was first published as a Musea extra in the summer of 2004. Readers, if you have a copy – that is somewhat rare – hold on to it!

The Oscar Roundup – by Movie Queen

February 23, 2015

Musea has an annual tradition to note and link to Melanie Pruit’s Oscar Roundup Post. Lots of insight into everything Oscar here (and a great blog on the movies too). Here’s the opening paragraph and the link:

Well, here I am contemplating today’s DFW metroplex ice storm, grateful for the opportunity that life has slowed down enough for me to indulge in my annual Oscar fascination even though I’m uncharacteristically uninspired by most of this year’s nominees. Of course, the good thing for any Oscar nominee is that it only competes against the year’s other films and not memories of Oscars past. If that were the case, I don’t really think too many of this year’s batch would even qualify for a nod, but I digress…

What would have been the biggest upset at the Oscars?

February 22, 2015

Though one year old, this post is right up to date!

DAY AFTER UPDATE: Glad that Patricia Arquette called for wage equality. But don’t forget theater workers who make Hollywood many of their millions. They are paid the lowest wages allowed by law and are one of the 8 lowest paid jobs in the country. Hollywood be sure to look in your own backyard!

Musea Zine

The biggest upset at this year’s Oscars, would have been if a star had said; “We talk about the millions we make every weekend, perhaps some of that should go to decent wages for theater workers!”

Sooner or later someone will have to talk of the real Hollywood – it’s more than mega million dollar box office each weekend.. When media talks about low wages, don’t excuse Hollywood. One of the 8 lowest paying jobs in the country* is theater workers – the very ones that prop up tinsel town.

While Hollywood walks the red carpet, theater workers are swept under it.

Film stars, directors and theater owners, are often very generous and likable, but not to theater workers. Don’t be so pampered you don’t see the writing on the wall. Do you know that we often work for minimum wage, seldom are allowed full time hours, work all holidays, and…

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First Infant Infection Good in Small Doses

February 22, 2015


This study suggests that the introduction of some bacteria into the infant gut, helps it set up its immune system. And without that early introduction – usually from mother’s breast milk – the child’s immune system does not set up well.

The immune system is designed to be exposed to bacteria on a grand scale. If you minimize those exposures, the immune system won’t develop optimally.”

This supports my idea that there is gene transfer from the mother to the child, not in the genome, but in the bacteria DNA transferred from Mother to infant’s gut.

Silly Selfie Symphony

February 21, 2015

Photo 12


Photo 9


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Photo 1

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