The End of Modern Art Continues ….

The end of modern art continues! Modern art – dada without the charm.

Here are two well thought out posts on the problems with modern art, that were sent to me from fellow artists.
Then a recap of my idea for a new art called postism.

Professional criticism of contemporary art’s more successful artists becomes pointed as apathy mounts within the art community

Article, In the Art World, “Shut Up,” They Explained – The Remodern Review

Commentary: The Self-Parody of the Contemporary Artist Statement

The history of western art went from realism, to abstraction. OK but that’s not the end of art. That is just a phase. Time to move on to the new art that goes beyond realism versus abstraction. Part of the vitality in art is the rebellion against the mainstream. To bring vitality back to art, we should oppose the salon art , that modern art has become
Look to lowbrow art, comic book art, Postism art movement, Stuckism, etc. for the vitality and rebellion that modern art has lost.


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