Comment on Modern Art

Mary S. commented on the post, Musea Extra: Summary of the Revolution in Art (Visual Arts).

In response to Musea: Nobody much cares for modern art anymore. And why should they? It’s become the ‘salon art’ of our day – the dried-up art that the Impressionist rebels fought against over 100 years ago in 19th century France. Painting, drawing, and all its offshoots have become cold, impenetrable, shallow, and at this point in time, they […]

Thank God someone finally said it. I prided myself in art school at being fair-to-good in all media, and exceptionally good at painting. I loved portraits, landscapes, and (still) judge art on whether it would be recognizable as art if it were sitting in a dumpster. Professors would say things like ‘realism is dead’ and ‘why use paint? everything has already been done. Art can be any material you like anymore.’ I fought it and fought it and eventually halfway sold out just to graduate- [one of several college regrets ;)] but now that I’m working on my own I do illustrations for money and teach practical art skills to my students. I never wanted to be in a gallery in New York- selling art for actual people is enough for me. Thankfully I live in a pretty traditional state and galleries around here are all horse paintings, basketball, and things people hang in their living rooms. I have quite a few series in mind that have been percolating for years. I can’t wait til May when my husband finally finishes his engineering degree and I can take a whole year off to get them out. I too think art should serve a purpose- have dabbled in sacred art for a couple of organizations, love writing stories and hope to illustrate kids’ books one of these days. They’re written, it’s just a matter of having time to do it- not easy when teaching, but soon enough I’ll be right there with you! Keep fighting the good fight. We’ll bring beauty back one of these days. Though unfortunately, I think modern art is a symptom of the times. You want proof that not-so-modern art is superior? This:
Thank you Mary.  The history of western art went from realism, to abstraction. OK but that’s not the end of art. That is just a phase. Time to move on to the new art that goes beyond realism versus abstraction = Postism
For more on this back to basics art called Postism, see art categories on this blog or this link. – Tom Hendricks


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  1. PAUL E. ADAIR Says:

    99.999999% of Americans never heard of Mr. Rockwell.

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