Musea (recent issues)

Musea Readers,  did you miss any of these recent issues? Here’s a list of the last few. They can be found on the website or in print at selected locations.

#194 HAUNTED WITH JOY – Twins search the mansion for treasure in our annual Christmas story.

#193 10 YEAR MUSIC PROJECT – Finally, my 150 song 9 cd recording project is finished – here are all the details on how it came about.

#192 – SAYINGS OF EDITOR ART – Here’s the latest sayings, maxims,cuts, slogans. mantras, cliches , truisms, chestnuts, and bon mots of Editor Art.

#191 CHILDREN’S POEMS issue – 30 poems and stories for kids.

#190 STATIC – Something about that radio that upsets a lot of people, in this our annual Christmas tale.

#189 THIS TRAIN GOES TWO WAYS, double issue with one half Original Biology Ideas (lots of them) , and the other half all about my new cd called 7’TH.


#187  WRITINGS IN SCIENCE, Part One –  Musea’s 2 issue look at my very big sci-fi work in progress, that tells the history of the future.

#186  LEO MARS SOLVES A CHRISTMAS MYSTERY – Musea’s annual Christmas short story – a holiday mystery solved.

#185  LIBRARY BOOK – A child’s adventure story with aliens and library books!

#184 DICTIONARY OF SMALL IDEAS – A-Z of a hundred plus ideas gathered over the years.

#183 6-TH – A NEW CD RELEASE OF HUNKASAURUS AND HIS PET DOG GUITAR –  My new CD is  released, and this issue contains a songlist with notes on each song.

#182 SENLIN – Musea’s annual Christmas  short story – this one about Senlin, the greatest dancer in the world.

#181 SAYINGS OF EDITOR ART – Part Two – a 2nd collection of the quazy quips of Musea’s editor Art S Revolutionary.

#180 HUNKASAURUS AND PET DOG GUITAR PHOTO ISSUE –  Photo series of Hunk and Pet Dog playing their Box Office Concerts in the Inwood Theater, Dallas, by David McGhee. Plus many new music ideas.

#179 THE FASHION ISSUE  – Almost all pictures issue with 40+ drawings of all types of original clothes designs.

#178 CANDLE AND ICICLE – Musea’s annual Christmas short story –  A snowed in farmhouse is the setting for everyone in the family telling a story.

#177 CHARACTERS – A collection of poems on characters, from The Shepherd of the Rocks to the Recaller. People poems.


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