4 Children’s poems

The Animals assembled for their monthly get together
“Imagine a world without any color ….:
said a Pheasant, our noted guest speaker.
“So what?” “Wouldn’t mind.”, And other interruptions
said the Crow, the Zebra, and the Dalmatians.
The Beetles, Spider, and Crickets chirped up.
The Pheasant raised his feather, “OK that’s enough;
Peacock, Parrot, time to speak up!”

I started counting the stars
shinning outside my window
but fell asleep …
And when I awoke
they were gone.

little one
when you learn to read
that warehouse of paper
marked with stains
suddenly changes
creating gates
open to worlds
left and right

My mother, when I was young,
mostly, left me alone
to run and play where I wanted to
feeling the wind brace it’s nerve to defy
my gangly, racing, fist shaking, joy!


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