Visitors Guide To Texas (poem)

VISITORS GUIDE TO TEXAS (factual information only)

Start with the east – all straight pines,
skyscraper high.

Then the south coast where Houston floats
in a dismal dingy dreary swamp,
and hurricanes sometimes are constructive help.

West Texas next, more flat than flat
with one person for every parcel of land
the size of most eastern states.
It’s Marfa lights, and long horn cattle,
that live off the dust devils stuck to their horns.

There’s D/FW, the range of the Pegasus
with all their fences in the sky.

And Tornado Alley in northwest Texas
where all the people walk bent and sideways.

And Austin – to avoid – all politicos
better to keep going to San Antonio ….

And finally the river they call Rio Grande,
as godforsaken as any land;
though no one yet knows what’s there – who dares!

And everywhere else, armadillos and cactus,
and tumbleweeds making assorted adjustments.

“Texas” is an Indian word for, “Better than where YOU came from”.

I wasn’t born in Texas but I had the good sense to get here as quick as I could

I wasn’t born in Texas but I’ve lived here longer than many who were.

Gotta stretch the truth a little – it’s such a big state!


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