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Haunted With Joy (Annual Xmas Issue of Musea)

November 30, 2014

Dear Readers,

the Xmas Issue of Musea is out and about at all the regular places, including mailboxes, stores, and online.
Webmaster Matthew has added a little website Christmas fun, so start at the front page here:

Then click on through to the other side and read #194 Haunted With Joy, the twins have to find a treasure, and they don’t even know what the treasure is! Here is an excerpt:

Happy Holidays Musea Readers! ! This issue is our annual Musea Christmas Story. Take a rest from your busy schedule and find out what a series of treasure maps leads to. I wish you all a great Christmas season and an even better New Year in 2015.
See you then – Tom

Photo 1
1 – The First Step

Betsy: (leaning on the padded arm of her dad’s easy chair) I’m bored…. so is Ronny. What can we do?
Dad: How can you be bored? We just moved into this gigantic Victorian Mansion (as he sweeps the back of his hand from left to right) filled with empty rooms. We’re in a new town, new neighborhood, with new people everywhere. How can you two be bored?
Betsy: Don’t know…
Ronny: (joining his twin sister) … But we are!
Dad: Well I’m not. I’ve got writing to do, accounts to settle, contracts to sign, reading galore, and all that has to wait when any of the tradesman come, or the moving van gets here…. Have you asked your mom if she has something for you to do?
Ronny: She’s next.
Dad: Got any good books to read?
Betsy: We’ve finished all our mysteries. Do you think there’s a library nearby?
Dad: Mission one – find out!
Betsy: How?
Dad: Find out!
Betsy Oh bother! (the twins headed for the kitchen).
The Watkins family had struck it rich….

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 22 year old zine Musea)

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Happy Thanksgiving All!

November 27, 2014

Photo 11

Some Say They Want a Music Revolution

November 27, 2014

Some say they want some new music, want the vitality that comes from a little music revolution? Well hang on, because here goes!

Start with no electric guitars, bass, or drums. Why? That forces musicians to think outside of a 60 year old, generic rock/rap/country/pop, formula, and forces people to be creative and innovative etc.

Next? Go beyond the Big 3, the 3 corporations that own the music
business; (Warners/Universal/Sony) and oppose their stranglehold on music.

Keep going! Oppose videos, as being too expensive for most musicians to make, and that shifts the emphasis back on the music not the visuals.

Don’t stop now? Stop writing your own songs, and let professional songwriters write good songs again.

Finally if you really want revolution? Support the Postmod revolution coming out of Dallas and the zine Musea..

B/W Beauty (art)

November 25, 2014

Photo 10

3 Poems for Winter

November 25, 2014

winter gate
closed …
closed …

stars to my left …
stars to my right ….

the 3,000 year old bell
rusted and decayed
and ready to ring!