My Case for Why Ending Poverty Is Good for The Rich

My Case for Why Ending Poverty is Good For Rich People

The obvious is that ending poverty helps those in poverty. But does it help the rich? Here are my reasons for why ending poverty would be good for rich people too.

1. Reduces population. Brings it down to sustainable levels

2. Reduces infectious diseases that come out of poverty.

3. Reduces superstition, and leads the entire world to more reasonable solutions for its problems

4. Reduces war and conflicts caused by poverty.

5. Liberates the potential of people in poverty to not only help themselves but help the world

6. Brings the wisdom and talent of the poor into civilization

7. All major religions support getting rid of poverty.

8. Poverty can be eliminated in a way that enriches all economies, without spending a penny.

9. Supports and helps safeguard the environment.

10 Better use of defense spending: ex. $30 billion per year ends world hunger. $737 billion per year is spent on Defense in the US.

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