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The Prodigal Son (poem)

September 30, 2014

The Prodigal Son
made a mess of his life
The Prodigal Son
was brought to his knees
the Prodigal Son
deserved nothing better
the Prodigal Son
was taken in.

For Pete’s Sake (postmod version)

September 30, 2014

Back to basics, postmod version of this Monkee classic

The first thing to do, to make your dreams come true….

September 30, 2014

The first thing to do, to make your dreams come true, is to WAKE UP!  – Art S Revolutionary.

Gray Beauty (art)

September 28, 2014

Photo 10

Turner Prize for Art – Protest!

September 28, 2014


if the TURNER PRIZE was interested in new art, they’d be interested in the backlash against the old art that is going on now. – Art S Rev.

The Tate Britain is celebrating it’s 30th year of awarding the TURNER PRIZE to young artists, with an exhibit of those artists on the short list. The exhibit starts on September 30, and runs through January 4th of next year.

The prize, by me and many other artists is considered not only trendy and silly, but out of touch of new developments in the arts that they claim they are supporting!

Leading the fight are the STUCKISTS, a group of artists from all over the world. For years they have protested the Turner Prize. This year, their protest is no protest – they feel that the Turner doesn’t even deserve their attention. This is a quote from a leaflet they will be handing out in front of the Tate:

“We regret there will be no Stuckist demonstration against the Turner Prize at Tate Britain this year, due to the fact that the Prize has sunk to a predictable and pathetic level of elitist repetition that is not worth bothering about.

The Turner Prize has a personal interest for me, because it led to what I call the ‘end of Modern Art’ moment. Here is what happened.


THE LAST MINUTE OF MODERN ART (This is a reprint from Musea #108 about the exact moment when modern art ended on 1/08/02.
Can CONCEPTUAL ART be used to end the abuses of conceptual art? It all began this way. I was walking home from a taco place and thinking about Martin Creed and his Art Prize. He won the annual Turner Prize that goes to the best art work from a British artist younger than 50. The prize was a check for $31,500 that was handed to him by Madonna.

And what was his art? Now this is hard to even say – even let the words sputter out of my mouth. The reason being I, too, am an artist. I have been one for decades, have studied and copied the masters, done work in almost every media (pencil, acrylics, and colored pencils are my favorites). And I worked hard to have some scope to my art whether portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts, or just about everything in between. I love the stuff. I breathe art. I love to know everything there is to know about art and artists.

So what was HIS art? He got the yard-wide novelty check from Madonna (representing a couple years of my income) for his exhibit of flashing light bulbs in an empty room! (His previous works include a scrunched-up piece of paper and a ball of clay stuck to a wall). British art curator Simon Wilson notes: “He wants to make art where he is doing as little as possible that is consistent with doing something. The fact that many people find his work so baffling indicates that he’s working on the edge.”

Oh I see. Now I am getting it. Now I am figuring out the “NEW” rules. Creed himself comments, “If I can make something without adding any objects, I feel more comfortable.”

And then it DAWNED ON ME. I would bring modern art to its end. I would suggest the ultimate. The ultimate in baffling minimalism. I would get the ‘plastic’ check from Madonna.

So on TUESDAY 1/08/02, at 1:30-1:40 PM, as I, Tom Hendricks, was walking home from the taco place, I took art to its ultimate. This was the last minute of modern art. It could go no further. Where Creed had flashing lights in an empty room, I would … IMAGINE A GALLERY IN MY MIND THAT WOULD HAVE NO LIGHTS ON AT ALL! And that moment marked the end of modern art.


Tate Museum – Turner Prize


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