Labor Day – But No Union Leaders on US TV

Labor Day weekend, but as FAIR , Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, reported – the talk shows did not feature any labor leaders.

My suggestion on a national union, is worth repeating here for Labor Day

Maybe it’s time for a National Union for workers, based on the AARP model for seniors.

Getting a union started for a specific industry, or keeping it going once it is started is tough. It takes courage to join, and there is always the chance of loosing your job. That’s really hard on those with families to support or living from paycheck to paycheck.

So for what it is worth:
Workers, all workers, maybe it’s time to act together, in a way that protects all.
Maybe it’s time for a National Worker’s Dollar Union.

Here’s how it would work.
No matter what your job is, all workers in the country, could join by sending in $1 or donation, for annual dues. For that money the workers would set up a group of lobbyists to lobby congress for worker’s rights in all industries, and if the worker/member requested it, updates on progress through the net. This bypasses all the struggle that most unions have to face.

This would be a lot like AARP (that has 37 million members) but it would advocate for workers instead of seniors.


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