Vision Poems

WHAT IS A VISION POEM? (intro from Musea issue on Vision Poetry)
WARNING: This is not ‘Poetry 101’. This is advanced. Vision Poetry does not rhyme (most of the time), and it’s not what you are used to. If for any reason, after reading two or three of these short poems, you don’t ‘GET IT’; please, fold up the zine page , replace it on the stack where you found it, and slowly back away from your computer.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the neophytes, let’s continue. Vision poems are part koan, part hallucination, part vision, slightly enlightening, and peppered with occasional eureka moments. They are word pictures, dreams, fantasies, jokes, lightning strikes, and kafkaesque situations. Read them with a sense of adventure. Then see if the startling images – somewhat like what a painter might see in his mind before beginning his new work – suggests anything deeper or more profound. Enjoy and let me hear what you think.


the Priest wore
a robe of stars

she taped
an autumn leaf
to the middle
of every window

they named it
Renoir’s factory
two tall chimneys
pouring out smoke
no machines
empty rooms
except for his paintings
lining the walls.

they built a dome,
a clear amber dome,
over the roofs of the
seven churches.

Willie Loman passed Blanche Dubois
at the train station.

the labyrinth
of grey stone walls
had bas reliefs
of dancing divinities
with here and there
a high oil lamp
that bathed life
into the sculptures
as the flames flitted
across the figures

What do birds
think of angels?

horse turning around
Moon in the sky

I saw in the future
where they freeze their bird songs
and then thaw them out
in a most pleasing order.

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