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Ten Year Music Project (Musea #193)

August 30, 2014

Dear Musea Zine Readers and Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar fans,

The new isssue of zine Musea, all about my 10 year recording project coming to an end,  is out (#193) at the usual spots plus online on the Musea website.

My 10 year, 150 song, 9 CD, ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX SET’, recording project, is done! Recording finished July 17th in Studio B at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, Texas. This issue tells you about it from start to finish with stops along the way for a new guitar style, and box office concerts.

For more see: #193  10 Year Music Project  at

“Are You In This Group?” (promo postcard)

August 29, 2014

For many years I’ve been promoting my music.  One idea I had, earlier on, was to go to one of those – then – 4 photos for a $1 machines, take a lot of photos, and use my favorites to make a promo postcard.  I would hand it out with my new single.  I went to a Peaches Record Store (that is old) and talked to the buyer. I talked about my single and gave her the record and postcard.

She looked at it and asked, “ARE YOU IN THIS GROUP?”   I said, ‘I AM THAT GROUP”

Photo 6


Labor Day – But No Union Leaders on US TV

August 29, 2014

Labor Day weekend, but as FAIR , Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, reported – the talk shows did not feature any labor leaders.

My suggestion on a national union, is worth repeating here for Labor Day

Maybe it’s time for a National Union for workers, based on the AARP model for seniors.

Getting a union started for a specific industry, or keeping it going once it is started is tough. It takes courage to join, and there is always the chance of loosing your job. That’s really hard on those with families to support or living from paycheck to paycheck.

So for what it is worth:
Workers, all workers, maybe it’s time to act together, in a way that protects all.
Maybe it’s time for a National Worker’s Dollar Union.

Here’s how it would work.
No matter what your job is, all workers in the country, could join by sending in $1 or donation, for annual dues. For that money the workers would set up a group of lobbyists to lobby congress for worker’s rights in all industries, and if the worker/member requested it, updates on progress through the net. This bypasses all the struggle that most unions have to face.

This would be a lot like AARP (that has 37 million members) but it would advocate for workers instead of seniors.

What is Compression and Is it Destroying Music?

August 28, 2014


When you listen to my recordings you may notice that it doesn’t sound as loud as the mainstream stuff. Why? Don’t my engineers know how to turn the volume knob?

They do, but they don’t overdue it, because  that turns the music into a loud mush. That’s what compression does in the mainstream music if it’s a corporate decision to sound louder on the radio, instead of an artist’s decision to get the song right.

Compression is when you digitally adjust all the parts of the music.  But if misused, you get a dynamic, loud sounding music for sure – but it never can get louder and never softer.

Musicians like me who like to start slow and quiet , build to a peak, and either end high or bring it back down, are not what the mainstream music companies want. right now

When one of my songs was included in a compilation Landmark Theaters’ promotional CD with a lot of other musicians, I was ecstatic ! But when I heard it, my song sounded so quiet, so out of place. I thought it was my fault – now I know it was compression on all the others that made the striking difference.

The mainstream music you hear on major releases is compressed to give a full sound on every note –  that’s fine if you leave it at that.  My music is compressed to give a better performance – that’s fine. But  you get a generic sound that soon sounds like a loud wall of noise with no where to go if you misuse it.

The links below, give you some of the controversy on compression, (or just google ‘compression in modern recording’ and see a lot of articles on this.)

Thanks Corporate Music (the Big 3: Warners/Universal/Sony) for trying to make music even more generic , robotic, and phony.

(Hear how the Nirvana classic would sound with compression.)
(see the graph for changes from 1985 – 2007)
(The Loudness War – wikipedia)

What’s a Quatro/Readymade/Vision – poem?

August 27, 2014




What is a QUATRO. It’s a new type of very very short poetry that usually compares two things, in a haiku – way, packing a lot of meaning in a very small amount of words. There is usually a very real comparison, and behind it a 2nd deeper meaning


WHAT IS A VISION POEM? (intro from Musea issue on Vision Poetry)
WARNING: This is not ‘Poetry 101’. This is advanced. Vision Poetry does not rhyme (most of the time), and it’s not what you are used to. If for any reason, after reading two or three of these short poems, you don’t ‘GET IT’; please, fold up the zine page , replace it on the stack where you found it, and slowly back away from your computer.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the neophytes, let’s continue. Vision poems are part koan, part hallucination, part vision, slightly enlightening, and peppered with occasional eureka moments. They are word pictures, dreams, fantasies, jokes, lightning strikes, and kafkaesque situations. Read them with a sense of adventure. Then see if the startling images – somewhat like what a painter might see in his mind before beginning his new work – suggests anything deeper or more profound. Enjoy and let me hear what you think.


WHAT’S A READY MADE. It’s a poem found in the prose of other writers. It’s a passage so good, that it deserves to be highlighted and given it’s own space.