Too Old for Youth Culture?

Too old for youth culture?   That was the topic on a recent radio blog.  Here is my response:

But the culture we see is not youth culture, it’s corporate culture for youth. That’s not the same thing at all. This culture is from just a handful of corporations – example only 3 big record companies (instead of thousands). The real divide is corporate art that is generic and lacking creative vitality, and the marginalized indie musicians painters writers, filmmakers, etc. For the real discussion talk about all the indie issues that the media has not talked about that include but are not limited to:

1.Postmod Music – that opposes what rock/rap/country/pop have become
2.Postmod Art – Stuckism, postmod artists, low brow artists
3.Golden Age of Zines, Zine Hall of Fame – the only real literary golden age during our time and most of the titles published. Plus blogs
4.Films or rather indie videos on the net.
5. Brand new Media – indie
6. Art revolution that’s coming out of Dallas, led by this zine Musea.

Through the entire history of art there has always been a group of artists bringing new vitality to that art. Now those new artists have been marginalized (note none of the above list is even mentioned by the panel). And the art that is left has lost it’s vitality and is becoming more and more generic. Corporate art where sequels are called innovative!

photo shopped
auto tuned
lip syncing



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