Ouisie Comments on The Music Business

Musician and newsgroup poster Ouisie, has this to say on a recent post on rec.music.makers.songwriting.

This posting was prompted by a message on: alt.music.makers.soloact entitled: Making Any Money?

It’s about artists being Ripped-Off yet again.  http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/independent-music-makes-its-case-to-congress

My reply there, and posting here is:

To quote Alanis Morissette: “…isn’t it Ironic, don’t you think?…”

It’s Ironic particularly since this Friday, Euphemistically called ‘the
4th of July’, will in Fact be ***INDEPENDENCE DAY***!!! We’re Supposed to
be Celebrating ***INDEPENDENCE***…because we’re Supposed to Actually
BELIEVE in it!!!

Going Indie MEANS going ***INDEPENDENT***, that is, NOT ***DEPENDING***
on CROOKS whose CONFLICT OF INTEREST Will Guarantee that artists will
Always get RIPPED OFF!!!

The internet is NOT a panacea, or deity, or life – it’s a communications
system Dominated by Crooks whose Only concern is how much Filthy Lucre
they can Grub into their Slimy tentacles by Any means possible – NEVER
forget that…or that 2 of its biggest corporatists i.e./…
are “Google” and “Yahoo” – both NONSENSE terms – there’s a Clue right
there – on the internet, NONSENSE IS KING, and in Charge!!! Just as going
along with it and consequently being Ripped-Off is also Nonsense, a
Stupid thing to do!!!

Like ANY other form of ‘Government’, the only Sensible move is to
WITHDRAW CONSENT…or better yet, Never give it in the first place!!!

The ONLY thing the internet *may* be useful for is PROMOTING artists via
their OWN websites, with perhaps some Sample MP3s there for download – TO
Want to experience the artists’ performances? – BUY TICKETS TO THEIR
Want to hear their songs whenever you’d like? – BUY THEIR ALBUMS!!!

That’s how it Used to be – AND IT WORKED!!!
The result was some of the Greatest Music of all time…and we MUST
Restore that Heyday – Right here and now in the 21st Century…

“…starting with a Paradigm Return…”!!!


The music business as it is now is frustrating, and  maddening for any musician trying to sort through it.
I have read many posts by Ouisie, and we agree on just about all concerning music.

There may be a 3rd option. Remember the old jukeboxes? Micropayments !  Musicians may in the future join a coop where they post their music. Each time someone clicks on it, they get a partial payment like a jukebox. Money comes either from a general subscription to the coop or separate accounts. That is a little too complex for the net we have now, but not for the future.



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