Weaning and Constipation

There may be a connection between weaning a baby too soon, constipation, and the anal retentive personality.

My suggestion is that when the infant is weaned too soon, his body reacts to the loss of breast milk and easily digested nurturing, by constipation to hold in the last digestible nurturing he got.

This turns out to be a very common problem – constipation during weaning.

But this biologically caused constipation may in turn become the anal retentive personality type. Therefore it has nothing to do with toilet training, but instead is a biological problem during weaning.

Definition from the Free Dictionary
Anal retentive personality – (psychoanalysis) a personality characterized by meticulous neatness and suspicion and reserve; said to be formed in early childhood by fixation during the anal stage of development (usually as a consequence of toilet training)


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