Why Have all the Creative People Been Marginalized? Where are they?

For the first time in history, the artists (musicians, painters, writers, filmmakers) that challenge the art world and bring vitality and growth to the arts – are gone.  Where did they go?

The arts are now consolidated into 6 corporate hands (see chart). That has led to creativity  being marginalized, and generic safe art promoted. Want proof? Look around at what we are stuck with after these Big 6, the six mega conglomerates that control the arts, took control.

Being a musician, painter, and writer, I know this is true. Whether it’s innovations by myself, or talented friends, or other independents – doesn’t matter – they are marginalized, for the corporate art that favors the generic crowd pleaser. But it’s getting to the point where there is none of the vitality that some rebellion in the arts brings, and corporate art has grown stale.

That’s where the art revolution comes in. (See other posts)


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2 Responses to “Why Have all the Creative People Been Marginalized? Where are they?”

  1. Mack Mathis Says:

    The only music I enjoy listening to emanates from
    my local college radio station, run by students. You
    won’t hear any of the music played here also played on
    the commercial stations. There is a fairly wide variety
    of musical styles played during the course of the day.
    I am often pleasantly surprised at the quality and freshness
    of these songs. It makes me realize there are a great
    many young people out there who are trying…to create
    something good. Give a listen:

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