Corporate Musicians Charge What to Book???

Here is a post showing how much it costs to book many corporate musicians.
Check out the list – specially those charging $50,000+, or $100,000 +. Then read my comments


Who are these people? What if you had to have a hit single before you charged more than $1,000. How many would be on the list then? Part of the vitality and fun of music is some rebellion. None on that list. Some coming out of Dallas with postmod music. Just a small part of the music rebellion is against over charging people.

Yet you could hear the world’s first and only Box Office Concerts by Hunkasuarus and His Pet Dog Guitar in Dallas, for free – even drive by and listen.
Base your price on creativity and musical firsts, and none on the list would make more.

The music keeps getting more bland and generic as the praise grows higher, and the costs skyrocket. Ready for the music rebellion in the wings called postmod music yet? First thing it does is get back to basics – 2nd thing, opposes what rock/rap/country/pop have become, 3rd brings the vitality that open rebellion brings to music.”


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