Breast Milk Supplies Insulin!

Now this is very interesting. I found out that breast milk also supplies insulin!

Perhaps without breast milk, or weaning too soon, the infant does not get the insulin it needs, in the correct amount, to allow him to best use the glucose he needs during development and into being an adult!

We have shown that human milk contains insulin in substantial concentrations, while insulin is barely detectable (if at all) in infant formulas. Orally administered insulin was demonstrated to promote gut maturation and to reduce intestinal permeability to macromolecules. Furthermore, oral insulin may induce tolerance to insulin and protect against the development of type 1 diabetes. We herewith raise a hypothesis that human milk is protective against the development of type 1 diabetes by virtue of the effects of its substantial content of insulin.

Then the question is, ‘why would the mother supply the infant insulin through breast milk, if the child could make his own.

Then if he does, perhaps it is not enough and the mother’s insulin adds to the child’s developing system. That seems reasonable and also testable. If the infant is not making enough insulin, weaning may force the child into making enough.

But that break from mom, and the process to make his own insulin, may be traumatic for a while until it is working at full speed.

Then the question follows, does not having breast milk at all, or having it but not for long enough; make the loss of mother’s insulin all more traumatic – such that the child is prone to over compensate later (eating disorders etc.)



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