Fate is Always One Step Ahead

There is one thing I like to do – go to antique malls. There is one or two I like to go to each week when I can.  It’s fun to sort through all the things, see some favorites, dream of owning them, and if I did,  where I would put them in my home, etc.

At one, I found an African Wooden Bird Sculpture, that I liked very much.  It was a mix of real and abstract. It had a long curving beak,  beady eyes, and square wings.
One week I even sketched it, took that sketch home,  and made a painting  of a copy of the drawing.


A. Bird

Each week I would check to see if my favorite was still there. Then it was gone.  Weeks later I met the dealer and asked him about it. He said he took it home to put a base on it.

Not long after, it was back. It now had a slightly darker color (like ebony) and a bass – but held all the old charm.  There is stayed waiting for a buyer – ME – among assorted African Masks, statues, weavings, etc.  Each week I would look for it. And there it was. A comforting sight!

This went on  week after week after week until …

This week Friday May 16th, I had enough money to buy my African Wooden Bird with the long beak, beady eyes, and square wings. Went to the booth, and it was empty!

The dealer had moved to another booth. OK.  No problem, I found the new booth and recognized all the other objects that were usually there. Now to find the Wooden Bird and take it home. – but  where…is… it…?  I ask the clerk, Beth. She helps me comb through all the corners, but she can’t find it either.

She calls the dealer, and explains the situation. She only needs 3 words to describe the piece: Wooden African Bird.  The dealer on the other end, knows the piece right away – no doubt. But he tells Beth that he, JUST THAT WEEK, put the piece up for auction.


That’s why the title of this post:  Fate is Always One Step Ahead!


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