Neil Young vs the Generics (Bieber, Swift, Beyonce, Perry, Gaga) an Objective Review

This article is based on Neil Young’s Performance of Crazy,in a Voice-O-Graph vinyl recording booth:  See the story/video here

When the media does a story on the Big 5, the five corporate musicians that get more press than all the rest in the world combined (Gaga, Perry, Beyonce, Swift, Bieber); I challenge the generic sound with this list. They do not do well with their generic music. Here I want to do it with Neil Young’s version of Crazy.

Same band sound
same electric instrument line up
same guitar sound
same bass sound
same synthesizer sound
same drum sound
same over produced sound
lyrics hard to hear
lyrics don’t mean much
weak or no real intro
weak or no real outro
same auto tuned vocals
same background vocals
song badly written and forgettable
song’s melody range limited to about 5 notes
no part of the playing is exceptional or stands out.
no part of the vocals is exceptional or stands out
no part of the song they’re singing is exceptional or stands out.
sounds fake, manufactured, and pretentious.

WIth no band sound at all, and no electric guitar, bas,s and drum; AND with clear vocals, and a good song, AND with a fine simple arrangement that supports the song not hides it under over production; Young has few of the generic music problems on the list. So no to everything on the list. Now compare with the latest from any of the Big 5! See what happens when you go beyond press release music coverage and become a objective reviewer?


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