Problems With The Newborn’s Gut Biome

When the Gut Biome is Not Yet Set up in the newborn child – What’s the importance of allowing a gut biome to fully set up in the newborn.

The newborn needs both vaginal birth and breast milk to transfer all the mother’s good gut bacteria into the infant.

Then the child needs time to allow that gut bacteria to settle and multiply.
(Note the infants infection fighting process is not yet active in the first 6 months and most immunity comes from the mother. Most likely this is to allow the good gut bacteria to take hold without the child’s defense system attacking it.

But if the child doesn’t have vaginal birth, or doesn’t have breast milk and has formula instead, or doesn’t receive breast milk long enough; he does not have the necessary gut biome to

1. help to excrete out waste (anal trauma)
2. help to digest first foods. (oral trauma)

Study supports this:

This study suggests that the introduction of some bacteria into the infant gut, helps it set up its immune system. And without that early introduction – usually from mother’s breast milk – the child’s immune system does not set up well.

The immune system is designed to be exposed to bacteria on a grand scale. If you minimize those exposures, the immune system won’t develop optimally.”

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