The Obesity Epidemic (comment on a biological cause)

Don’t forget that the amount of new mothers who do not breast feed (and I would suggest longer than the usual 6 months) ,is just about equal to the number of overweight. Surely this is a part of the problem. Search these two words for much much more “breast feeding + obesity”. Remember too that past generations have often not breast fed, so why weren’t they mostly overweight? I would suggest that they were poor, and could not eat enough to get fat , and/or they couldn’t easily access the inexpensive excess fats, sugars, and carbs that we can.
I’ll also add that if you don’t breast feed your child, you won’t wean him from breast milk – and that may be a key biological step in our development. In that it forces the child to deal with loosing nurturing, setting up it’s own digestive system to deal with new foods, etc etc.


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