How to Legally give Millions to Government Leaders

Want to give millions to a candidate and do it legally and above board? Want to have all the political influence that millions of dollars can buy? Here’s how.

Recently a major government official*, and likely candidate for president, received an estimated $14 million advance last year on the author’s new book!

There is one way for corporations to get millions to a candidate directly and it’s perfectly legal – it’s called the book advance! . Just about every politician from both parties gets big book deals. There are only a handful of publishers, and they in turn are owned by the major media/art companies.
So, is this an advance on the book, or the influence?

Wikipedia lists the Big Four publishers as

Simon & Schuster (a subsidiary of CBS Corporation)
HarperCollins (a subsidiary of NewsCorp)
Random House (a subsidiary of Bertelsmann)
Penguin Group (a subsidiary of Pearson). Each of these four companies share a common headquarters in New York City.

*I didn’t name the official, because both parties do it.



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