Studio B – 3/25/14, Finished #8

Finished recording my 9th cd (called 8-TH, because my first was a double) today Tuesday. First I recorded the guitar part to Hey Joe . It was tough because in the middle when Joe is running down to Mexico cause of what he did, I play a Spanish classical guitar middle, then come out of it and finish another verse. The guitar took a while to get it right. Then we took a break and I put the vocals on it. Then we finished with background vocals to G-L-O-R-I-A, which was more fun than difficult,with 3 passes of background vocals. Done. (now to get song order, let Nolan mix it, a cover made -David McGhee says he can help with cover photos – and it will be soon done.

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One Response to “Studio B – 3/25/14, Finished #8”

  1. musea Says:

    When I was getting in my first band – we all started bands after seeing the Beatles – there were 3 songs EVERY band had to learn: GLORIA, House of the Rising Son, and Louie, Louie. I hope you’ll like my version. (no plans now to try the other two).

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