Studio B

This afternoon (3/18/14) at my recording session in Studio B, I had already done the guitar parts, so it was vocals day.  I did the vocals to “Look of Love”,  a great classic. Bacharach songs have great melodies, but they are all over the place from low notes to high and keep the singer alert to say the least.  It moved along quite well, but it took a lot of touch ups to get each line just right (on pitch, high energy, and with the right feeling to fit the line). Then we took a break. I like to listen to the song after a break. That allows you to clear your head and hear what you recorded, fresh. Sometimes you hear something awful that you missed. Everything OK today though. Then I added the intro part. I left it till last because it starts the song with a low “A” note. And that is as low as my voice can go (I can rumble out a “G” but you don’t want to hear it).  The song starts out “The Look…..(of love).   In this key that’s low “A” to “D”.  I got it  (3rd time I think) then put two additional voices on it.

Then I began the background vocals and did 3 passes of those. It’s hard to get background vocals that not only match each word, but fit in and don’t sound mechanical or programmed, but sound like it’s always been part of the song.  That done I only had a little time left, about half an hour. So I lit into Gloria, the old 60’s Van Morrison standard, and got a pretty good lead vocal. (lots of background vocals there too – but we can do those next time).  Singing for 2 hours, at fever pitch is about it for me.  Good day in Studio B.


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