Cleaning Lady Sweeps Out the Old Art

This news story is about a cleaning woman who threw out some modern art, thinking it was trash. Reasonable mistake!

Duchamp broke ground 100 years ago – but now his clones are just shoveling dirt. Weird art is easy, you put a strip of raw backon across an expensive violin, but it’s not good art. That’s why there is an art revolution against all this.

The cleaning lady was sweeping out the salon art of our day!

Here’s why I think Modern art is neither modern nor art (or at least not very good art) anymore.
1. Cold 2. Disjointed 3. Can’t communicate it’s message 4.Weird 5.Elitist 6. Technically poor if there is technique at all 7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room 8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9 No breadth or scope. From Five Doors to the Art Revolution, video #2.


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