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Dear Musea Readers,

Ace Backwards was a cartoonist I discovered back in the 90’s. He was in a lot of zines, I loved his humor and insight, and I wondered if I could reprint some of this panels in Musea. I contacted him, and he said yes. From then on, for many years, I published one of his strips in each monthly issue.

Recently on Facebook I found an entry by Ace on BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. I thought it was first rate – and something fellow book lovers will love too.
He allowed me to reprint it on my blog. Here’s the link

Acid Heroes

I sell junk books for 25-cents at a vending table. Most of the books are headed for the dumpster before I salvage them. First I try to sell them at the local used bookstore. And whatever doesn’t sell there, I’ll sell at my vending table for a quarter. Boxes and boxes of them; I’ve literally gone through hundreds of thousands of books. And it gives you a weird perspective on the book publishing business from ground zero at the bottom of the book food chain. Beyond all the hype comes the bottom line: Will someone pay 25 cents for this damn book? The end of the line.

Some authors that you’d think would sell, sell surprisingly poorly. Guys like Norman Mailer, Philip Roth, Joseph Heller. They sit there for weeks on my table collecting dust, even at 25 cents. Anything about gay or lesbian issues, or feminism particularly, sells terribly…

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