Yesterday, recorded vocals for ‘Anna’, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

Readers, I’ve started recording again, (#8) and have been doing guitar and vocals for the next Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar album.
Yesterday, Feb 18, I did two of the most emotionally taxing and draining vocals.  One for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the other for Anna.
My arrangement of Somewhere over the Rainbow has a slow intro, a couple of verses, 2 tricky middle parts, and an ending where the voice matches the two highest notes on the guitar (actually the highest note on the high E, then the note beyond; B-C).  I got it, a keepable version that had both the correct timing, and feeling that I wanted – but it wasn’t easy.  After a break,we, I and engineer Nolan Brett, listened to the playback for background vocals, … no – we decided to leave it alone.
Then on to Anna.  This powerful rock and roll classic is full of emotion, and feeling, and a lot of angst. The singer is responding to his girlfriend breaking up with him.  I tried to mix, in my voice, a feeling of anger, bravado, upsetedness, and more. The middle break was the emotional high point.  We did some background vocals here and there – mostly just singing Anna – but that middle was left in it’s stark state.
Can’t wait till you hear these two and the others we’re recording.
For about a hundred songs :


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