Different ABC’s – Education Reforms

Lots of talk about EDUCATION REFORMS. I’ve talked about many new ideas in many issues of Musea (see below). This short piece is on the basics.

We used to say learn your ABC’s. But maybe we need to take an even more basic approach to learning. There’s a new ABC, new first three lessons:
a. Sleep
b. Healthy food
c. Exercise

a. Make sure the child gets enough sleep before he/she gets to school.
b. Make sure the child gets enough healthy food to eat while at school.
c. Make sure the child gets enough physical activity during the school day.

These are too basic to deny, yet somehow they often don’t happen for many kids. Time to change that.

This paragraph covers some of the other education issues I’ve talked about in Musea:

EDUCATION Changes ***** There are many new and innovative ideas in this field. Most are in a long Musea issue “ESSAY ON EDUCATION” After hundreds of years of the age old teacher-lecturing-students system, I suggest new ways to learn more and learn faster. Plus: ENGLISH REFORMS. Musea suggested a first steps in revising English spelling confusion. PENTALIUM. A world history of the last 5,000 years of civilization that tells history in layers. First an overall view, next a more specific summary, etc., down to histories of neighborhoods and families. HISTORY WIKI. This would be an all world history on the web open to all to add entries like the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. COGITOLOGY. This Musea chapbook by G.K.H. Bryant and myself, suggests many new ways of thinking. WIKI-COLLEGE, FREE ACCESS, INTERNET COLLEGE. Free and/or low cost college on the net. Gather videos and video series, from those professors who want to share their courses with others and offer them to all. LIBRARY REFORM. Extend what libraries can be to not only books on bookshelves, but museums, art galleries, culture centers, etc. all mixed into one. DRAWING EDUCATION. Though not my idea, it’s a good one that deserves my support. We learn to read and write, that stresses one hemisphere of our brains. But we don’t learn drawing, a major aspect of the other hemisphere of our brain. Teach to both sides of the brain. Give full educations, not half. Everyone should know how to draw.


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