8 New Inductees to the Big List


Glad to announce 8 new inductees to the BIG LIST.
It’s the first, best music of the entire net and world, music list (and best, at least until someone does a 2nd one). See url that follows.

BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song – First Worldwide Best Music List)
Best Classic American Songbook, Duet: “The Lady is a Tramp” Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (yt).

Best Cavern Sound from Liverpool. ” The Cavern Stomp”, / “Let True Love Begin” The Big Three.

Golden Classic from Country Royalty: “Wildwood Flowers”, The Carter Family (yt).

Best History of Music by Acappela Group, “Evolution of Music”, Pentattonix (yt).

Best Ukulele of the Wizard of Oz Classic, “Over the Rainbow” (Live at the Knitting Factory) , Shimabukuro (yt).

Best Undiscovered Single worth of Love and Peace, “Let Love Shine”/ “The Man on the Hill”, Jack Sera-Lima

Best 3 person, French Dance Video, “Dance With Me” – Nouvelle Vague (yt).

Most Heartfelt Remake, “Hurt”, Johnny Cash. (yt).

Best Lyric Fix: MacArthur Park: “MacArthur Park”, Tom Hendricks.


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