Grammy Awards – an honest appraisal

Time for the Grammy Awards. But nothing has changed for the better.

Musea Zine

While the music quality reaches new lows the big-media praise, rises ever higher.
Who can truly say that these Grammy Nominees are the best music in the country? Not me.

Here’s a more honest appraisal. Generally this corporate award winning music is: 1. bad songwriting, 2. weak voices 3. lyrics that can’t be understood, 4.drums, base, guitars, and keyboards that stand out in no way. 5. No interesting background vocals. 6. Waaaaay over produced. 7. Lack of any real communication of emotion or idea. Want more? Yikes – time for new music that opposes this stuff..

8. Bad album covers 9. Musicians trying to fit in, not stand out. 10. no song structure.
11 Formulaic music: either Divas/Boy Bands/ or Trendy but Fake Alt. 12. No good intros or outros. 13. No good instrumental breaks. 14. Druggy, depressing, sluggish, and not fun.
15 Repetitious, 16 Voices are so studio fixed…

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