Afters , Poems Built on Other’s Work

AFTERS – Verses based on other’s work. Here are my versions of works by Catullus, Dickinson, Poe, Sidney, and Kahlo.

I hate and yet I love you.
Perhaps you’ll ask me how.
I don’t know, but it’s real love.
I am tormented now.
(Re-doing of 2 lines from the poet Catullus)
The birds sang boldly this morning
and begged not for a crumb.
It seems bread from another hand
has already been given them.
(Retelling of Emily Dickinson poem fragment #306)
“Fall of the House of Usher”

During the whole – of a dull dark day
in the autumn of the year – when clouds hung low,
I had been passing – alone on horseback
through a singularly dreary – tract of country
and at length found myself – in the shades of evening
at the melancholy – house of Usher …
(My rephrasing of the opening of the E.A.Poe story.)
Never mind how
it’s accomplished.
Never mind why.
Now, we now kiss.
(Based on a line from Sidney’s “Astrophel and Stella”.

“In the window of my room on the side of Allende Street
on one of the window panes, I would cloud it over
with my breathing, and with my finger
draw a door.//

Through that door my imagination would go
and with great joy I would quickly cross
all the town until I reached
Prizon’s Dairy, and enter through the “O”//

And suddenly I went down to the inside of the earth
where my imaginary friend was waiting for me.
I do not remember what she looked like
but I know she was happy and laughed soundlessly.//

She was agile and danced as if she was weightless
I followed her in (her) every movement
and while she danced I told her my secrets.”
(A poem based on a quote from the Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo.)


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