Separation Anxiety/Stranger Anxiety = Oral/Anal Infant Stages Both The Same Thing

How could I miss something so obvious? Today I saw the light.

People talk of Freud’s oral/anal stages. Others talk of separation anxiety, or stranger anxiety in infant development. I talk of food in waste out as the biological stages of development. DUH! Today I saw the light – they are all the same thing!

oral = separation anxiety = food in stage

anal = stranger anxiety = waste out stage.

This is so obvious when you see it. But I could not see it. Nobody could! Freud thought there was a social aspect of oral/anal – it was a bio aspect that he and others were seeing.

Now I would suggest that most animals may go through a similar 2 stage infant development process of first food in, then waste out.


10/14/14 Add On

Both Separation anxiety and stranger anxiety may partly be based on the body reacting to both good and bad bacteria.

Separation anxiety: May be in part the infant’s fear of loosing his mother’s immune system, while his is still developing

Stranger anxiety: May be in part, the infant’s fear of stranger germs.


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