Why Nerds That Don’t Get Enough Sleep Will Always Be Bullied – or

Why Nerds that don’t get enough sleep will always be bullied OR
Too smart for your own body?

Start with this premise:
Deep sleep or NREM (80%) for body repair, REM sleep (20%) for mind repair
During sleep we alternate with first NREM sleep and then REM sleep back and forth through the night.

Now add this term: REM Rebound. That’s a term that means if you don’t get enough REM sleep (for your mind), that you will go back to REM sleep, the next time you sleep, to make up the difference.

Seems like, when it comes to emergency situations of not enough sleep, mind trumps body.

So back to our illustration. Nerds are known for being mentally active. Let’s take Dr. Nerd A for example. He’s had a busy day thinking.

Dr.Nerd A uses his mind a lot. That means he has more REM sleep the next night.
But if he doesn’t have enough sleep that night, he has a sleep debt that has to be made up.

The next time he sleeps the body goes into REM rebound. That means he gets more REM sleep. That’s fine, if he gets enough sleep. But if he does not, then the sleep debt goes to the next night. Problems start.

So we have Dr. Nerd A getting his REM , but at the expense of deep sleep / NREM sleep for his body. But NREM sleep includes: getting hormones such as growth hormone, and testosterone; having time for your immune system which seems most active at night, and having time for your body to get ready for the next day’s digestion; plus, a lot of other things – all for your body – the very things that make you physically strong – and withstand those bullies.

So Dr. Nerd A, without enough sleep, may have a better mind but at the expense of his body. BTW, Bully B has gotten a lot of physical activity, all the sleep he needs, and has no REM debt.

NOW take generations of humans that use their minds a lot, but do not get the physical activity they need, and on top of that they do not get enough sleep to correct the imbalance.

We may be outsmarting ourselves!

Looks like nature says this: “I’ve set up 80% of sleep for your body, and 20% for your mind. So that means 80% of your time should be physically active and 20% mentally active.”

That’s a big change from the lives we are living now.

Tom Hendricks
BIOLOGY HYPOTHESIS http://wp.me/p5S9X-eO
UV PAPER http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/U/UV_origin_of_life.html
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.



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