10 Years of Christmas Stories

Dear Reader,

Musea has an annual tradition – a Christmas story for the December issue. Did you miss any of them?

There is a lot I like to put into each short story, and not much room to squeeze it into – only 8 pages per Musea issue, with the front page being a photo! That means everything has to happen in 7 pages.

I try to write, so that each story first HAS a story, a good plot. Then some interesting characters caught up in something challenging, some connection to Christmas, and finally a deeper meaning behind the top story. Maybe even a couple of layers of meaning. Hopefully the stories take you somewhere, that you feel better about visiting.
Here is a summary of the last ten years or so. Enjoy. – Tom.

STATIC – Antique radio leads to a murder scene.
LEO MARS, DETECTIVE – Leo Mars tries to solve a suicide case
SENLIN – Story of the greatest dancer that ever lived.
CANDLE AND ICICLE – Children wish away a death in the family.
CHESS SETS – A new idea for a toy
HOUSE KEY – A husband hides his wife’s gift in a …
BROTHER JOHN – A monk learns about giving and joy.
HEAD UP PENNY – A little ghost returns home
MR WEEBLERS ENCOUNTER – Santa, real or fake
ALIENS – Aliens land and enjoy Christmas on Earth
DOT’S PLAYHOUSE – A father builds the ultimate doll house.
MAGIC BAG – A bum finds a magic bag that’s filled with presents.
ANN – Ann breaks her foot while trying to do good, at the worst time of the year.
RANGER 330 SUB ATOMIC BLASTER; toy gun is so easy for father to steal !?!

Lots of Holly in the Musea Vaults!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 21 year old zine Musea)
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