Christmas Quote (Musea Vaults)

A Christmas Carol – 2000 Has someone been visited by 3 ghosts in 1 night?

A true tale: “I mean, do people have a clear view of what it means to live on $1 a day? There’s no electricity in that house. None.” Then someone suggested solar power. “No! You can’t afford a solar power system for less than $1 a day. You’re just buying food; you’re trying to stay alive.” He paced the room, waving his hands as he imagined an African village that receives a computer, “The mothers are going to walk right up to that computer and say, ‘My children are dying, What can you do?’ They’re not going to sit there and like, browse eBay or something. What they want is for their children to live. They don’t want their children’s growth to be stunted. Do you really have to put in computers to figure that out?” – Bill Gates, quoted from “Creating Digital Dividends” Conference (from Sam Verhovek story in NYT News Service.


This is another entry from the Musea Zine Christmas Vaults – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Fighting Coal Stockings Everywhere!


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