Rock n Roll (poems)

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Musea Zine

ROCK AND ROLL ( and music revolution) POEMS (and sayings)

rock and roll’
is over for me
it’s gotten boring
and refuses to change

Rock used to reel against a boring world. Now it has become a boring world.
Good musicians oppose it.

good musicians
don’t play rock
instead they rebel
against what it’s become

ROCK AND ROLL in its earliest decade was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music that came before. Today it’s cloning that rebellion in generic copies.

The More musicians sound alike, the more they are praised.

Time for a shake up of the fake stuff

Shake up
fake stuff

When music starts opposing what rock has become instead of falling into it’s generic molds, then it’ll be exciting again. (and i’ll be impressed.)

Bands were:
cutting edge in the 60’s
played out in the 70’s
redundant in the 80’s
boring in the 90’s
a formula…

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