Katie Muffin (poem for Christmas Dinner)

From the Musea Christmas Vaults

Musea Zine

Katie Muffin
Is a glutton
All day long
Her mouth is munchin.

Tweedle dum
and tweedle dee,
She ate the moon
At afternoon tea!

Tweedle dee
and tweedle dum
She’s ate the world
And orbits alone.

Mars is attached!
Stars are a snack!
She’s an invasion
force of one!

What’s to do
And is there a who,
Who can give us

Can any cluster
Of stars muster
Against this
Bigger Bang?

The last black hole
Is down her throat.
On a thread
All matter hangs!

The primoridal soup
Is now a burp!
A conveyor
Her only belt!

And gravity
Is rapidly
Bringing herself
To herself!

Stomach acid
Faster and faster –
reaching critical mass!

Will she explode?
Woe! oh woe!
Is this the last
Of the last?

Physicists say
There are two ways
For our universe
to go

Some claim as fact
That it’ll contract,
But I say

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