Static – Musea Annual Christmas Short Story

Dear Reader,  If you were not able to get a print copy of the new issue of Musea, you can read it on the musea website. Here’s the intro:

Happy Holidays Readers! ! This issue is our annual Musea Christmas Story. Take a rest from your busy schedule and find out “What Dawn Saw!”. I wish you all a great Christmas season and an even better New Year. See you in 2014 – Tom.
1. Day Before Christmas Eve
Megan: Look at this Dillon. Uncle Robert would love this!
Dillon: An old radio?
Megan: He’s told me many times how much he loved the old time radio mysteries. Mom says he even tried to write a screen play for one when he was younger. What do you think?
Dillon: Let’s see:(Reading the tag) $75, late 40’s, early 50’s tube radio with Bakelite case… (Picks it up.) Needs some cleaning,…. Let’s get it.

While the clerk was boxing up the radio, Megan asked her if she new anything about the radio. “No. That dealer collects radios from all over – wherever he can find them: estate sales, flea markets,… Here you go. Thanks folks.”

2. The Lid Comes Off
When they got back to Megan’s Mom’s house, they parked in the back and came in through the kitchen.
Megan (whispering): Mom, is Uncle around?
Dawn: No Honey, he’s taking a nap.
Megan: We found the perfect Christmas gift that should cheer him up. You know how he loved radio mysteries. (By now Dillon had unboxed the radio and taken off the wrapping paper). An antique radio that still works!
Dillon: Ta da!
Megan: What do you think?
They both waited with smiles on their faces for her mom’s reaction. But Dawn said nothing. Her eyes squinted. She came closer, flicked the plug to straighten it out, and … began screaming! Then


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