NPR Promotes New Record, then Runs Record Sponsor spot for the Same Record

Though I am blocked from commenting on NPR music, I can speak here.

Heard a music story on NPR Morning Edition 11/25/13 – very interesting. It was about a new recording by Billie Joe Armstrong, and Norah Jones called “Foreverly Yours”.  Then soon after came a sponsor spot – by a record company that has donated to NPR.  Who was the sponsor?  You guessed it. The record company promoting the “Foreverly Yours” recording by Billie Joe Armstrong, and Norah Jones.

Wow, if you are going to give articles for donations , sign me up and send the price list. How much sponsor money for NPR to cover my record? Think this is something new?  I’ve asked the last two NPR Ombudsmen to look into it.  When the last two Ombudsmen have looked into this cross promotion, something may be up.

Here is the original story.

When the media only talks about sponsors and their music, and refuses to talk about any opposition to what corporate music has become … well there is plenty of smoke, and most likely fire!

Let’s turn things around. If this is the way NPR works and there is nothing wrong with it, then NPR be open about it and send out a price list to record companies like mine.


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