Banned by Rolling Stone, Spin, and NPR

When it comes to talking about the new music,POSTMOD music, or  WOW – world open wide, music, the corporate responses is clear.

I’ve been banned from commenting on Facebook by

1. Rolling Stone (a week ago),

2. Spin (a day ago),  and any music story on

3. NPR  (months ago).

Seems the music media doesn’t like to hear about non corporate music movements!

But YOU can hear about it. POSTMOD music or WOW, world open wide or Post-Bands Music- its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world. (and It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).

Besides a revolution in music, we need a change in music media, a new media that is open enough to cover all the music news.


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