Fun day at the Art and Antique Show

Went to a high end, annual art and antiques show here in Dallas. Definitely one for the rich more than me. But I love the art for sale. Found some favorites Olin Travis, Texas artist, saintly Icon’s – one from 17th century? that was large and full of feeling, nice delicate print from Klimt, and

this – yes this exact painting or least I think it was this one*. It’s by a new Russian painter named Serge Marshennikov born 1971. Beyond the erotic element, and there is a lot of that, the colors are entrancing, her hair and skin flawless, the pose elegant. Nice size too about 3′ by 5′. It reminded me of a Velasquez I had seen – yes that high a quality. Over all wonderful. Priced in the 5 figures, and worth the high cost so much more than most modern art. What do you think?

* [ later – The more I think of it, the more I think the painting I saw had charcoal black grey on the far left instead of the deep blue. If so he made two slightly different versions]


Time for a revolution in painting?

Revolution in Arts (Visual)
Poem/video/sayings page


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