The Good (3 of 3 music posts in a row)

This is the 3rd of 3 blog posts on current music. This one I label the Good News one. Least I can say, it’s good for me. I’ve finally gotten some national coverage for my music. In the fall issue of TEXAS MUSIC MAGAZINE, I’ve got a big, 3 x 5″, photo of me playing in the box office, by David McGhee; and a paragraph article underneath it. Check it out:

TEXAS MUSIC MAGAZINE: Fall issue 2013, #56.

Get a copy at any big news stands across the country – not just Texas it’s nationwide. (I found mine in Dallas at Barnes and Noble, though I don’t think any of their stores here have more copies.) OR you can order from their website

OR you could probably send your name, address, to them and ask them to bill you. (one year = $15). That’s what you do with the subscription postcard they include with every magazine.
Texas Music Magazine / PO Box 50273 / Austin Tx 78763-9802

Those that can get a copy, let me know what you think.


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