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Painter Poems (and sayings)

November 30, 2013

Painting Poems and sayings



Modern art
you’ve lost your way.
I’d rather see
a comic book,
fashion drawings,
or children’s art,
an illustration,
or anything but
Modern art
you’ve lost your way!

Weird art is easy. You put a strip of raw bacon across an expensive violin – but it’s not great art!

Modern art is the salon art of our day.

Look at that
pencil and pen.
How many drawings
are left in them?

Sometimes painting needs bigger themes then ‘look I’m weird and have problems’.

There is a difference between a sketch and a sloppy painting. The first is fresh and lively. The second is unfinished and needs work

too little detail
and it looks sketchy
too much and it
looks overworked
just right, viola
it looks complete

painting skill – drawing skill
romantic – classical

A good artist can paint abstraction
A better artist can paint abstraction and realism
A great artist can do both and everything in between.

Postism – a back to basics art that takes art forward.

In his later paintings Chagall just imitated Chagall.

Leger was the George of the Cubists.

What ‘s a Stand up in art? Paintings and drawings that have escaped from the walls and can stand on their own.

There are two types of art: realism, and exaggeration.

Conceptual; art can be anything – even bad art!

Part of the fun of painting is to find a painter with technical skill.

The hope is that art that has to struggle against chains today, will fly tomorrow.

Mixed media hybrids of painting, sculpture, videos, theater, and or conceptual art very seldom work,; and almost all of them are not better than painting, sculpture, video, theater, and conceptual art by itself.

I try to paint magic!

Modern art – dada without the charm.

“Pushing into the beyond”
says the painter Klee.

“Why should we not
be able to create
color harmonies
that correspond
to the state
of our soul?
– Paul Gauguin

I had a dream
that every museum
turned into a
wire bird cage
Open the doors!
Let them take wing!

Nature Is our greatest artist
painted landscapes rich in color
still lifes up close in every corner
superior portraits, genre scenes
and lights above to display it all

Who in their right mind doesn’t think that there will be a backlash against what modern art has become?

His art spoke to me – bit it didn’t have anything nice to say!

“The art should do the explaining. The first job of an artist is to be understood – that means if the meaning of the art is not in the art, then the artist has not done a good job.”

Part of the vitality of modern art was it’s rebellion against traditional art.

Duchamp opposed the mainstream in art NOT to become the mainstream in art for the next 100 years.

Being a Duchamp clone 100 years after his work was innovative, is not bringing vitality to art. Opposing Duchamp’s ideas, does.

Duchamp broke new ground 100 years ago. Now his clones are just shoveling dirt.

Rauschberg’s work sometimes looks to me like some one put a bomb in a Cornell Box and set it off.

I’ve found that to really get sexuality in a picture, you have to show the eyes, and put the desire in the eyes – no substitute for that.

Strong contrasting colors suggests a painter in conflict.

The history of western art went from realism, to abstraction. OK but that’s not the end of art. That is just a phase. Time to move on to the new art that goes beyond realism versus abstraction.

Conceptual art is out of ideas. If you don’t get it then the artist comes back with “you’re not educated enough to get it (not the artist isn’t talented enough to communicate his idea!) So non art work now becomes insider non art work that can’t be criticized.

When you look at a painting with a person in it, you look at the face. When faces are blank, you look for meaning in the body language or the environment around them.

History of ART in about one sentence: Art went from total structure in realism (painting exactly as is) to total freedom in conceptual art (painting rules invented by the artist). OK, we’ve gone through the complete range. Now instead of being stuck in only one or the other – total realism, or total choice and concept – we have the choice to do either or anything in between, or all of the above. That’s the new art = Postmod Art.

Art doesn’t always have to be about nightmares. Sometimes we wake up.
All those nightmares may be a reflection of what a nightmare art has become.

To those opposed to copies of paintings on canvas:
1. Let the artist decide if he wants his paintings copied.
2. Let the buyer decide if he wants to buy painting copies.

Being weird doesn’t make art modern. It’s just the opposite. It makes it more like 100 years ago with surrealism, dada, Duchamp, and two world wars.

Weird is not more modern, it’s just more weird.

Trendy is built into every ‘ism art.

I bought a paint-by-number set, but the numbers were always one!

A good painter is not a selfish one. Yes he paints to please himself, but he also paints to please others

It’s difficult to make realism work because you are limited to what’s there.

20th Century was the century of the isms in art. But starting another ism now, is no more modern than painting now like an impressionist, pointillist, or surrealist. The real revolution in art is against all the isms.

The new art post-ism is not about a new ‘ism. It’s about art that is beyond ‘isms. Post-ism is art that is great because it’s great, not because it fits an ‘ism.

Saying modern art is trendy is like saying an orange is an orange..

Just as the last century in art was fragmented into ‘isms, this century will do the opposite and build new art based on the synthesis of all the styles.

Last century the goal was to fit the ism. This century the goal is to paint well – no ism. Fractionalized art then, synthesized art now. Even calling something modern art is a type of ism that separates that art from the art of the past.

Current isms include modern art, lowbrow art, comic book and illustrator art, digital art, western art, conceptual art, etc.

It seems so much more natural to take off the ism blinders and like all art instead of having a narrow field of vision where your chosen ism is the only true ism or style.

Share the art, protect the originals. (Reason for exact painting copies.)

This is not a Picasso either (painting)

Most modern art substitutes weird for quality, narrow isms for scope and meaning, and trendy for depth.

Photo 2


Two Painter Poems – made from quotes

November 30, 2013

Poems From Artist’s Quotes + Art Sayings

“Pushing into the beyond”
says the painter Klee.

“Why should we not
be able to create
color harmonies
that correspond
to the state
of our soul?
– Paul Gauguin

Picolla (Christmas story)

November 29, 2013


(Musea version of a poem by Celia Thaxter. Note it was the custom for St. Nick to leave a present in the child’s shoe. Piccola = pick-o-la)-


Poor Mother, poor Father, house maid and share cropper
and both pockets empty, except for due bills.
What can they get their little girl for Christmas.
“Piccola! Piccola! Love of my life!”
Father wrings hands and mother cries.
The bells ring carols as the family walks to church.
A snowflake falls on Piccola’s nose.
The sky turns from grey to deepest pure blue
As they enter the nave with the other parishioners.

All three singing from hard wood pews.
Piccola’s mouth makes a big “O” on her vowels.
But her mind’s trying to see, not the notes, but the future –
Trying to see what would fill up her shoe,
Trying to see by one dim candle.

Parents in whispers, decide it’s best
To tell her her present is not here yet,
Not denied, it’s only delayed …
And drop into slumber as they pray
‘Perhaps by January and Jesus’ grace …

Morning Sun peeps through the fluttering shades,
The window cracked open gets abundant free air.
Piccola’s eyes widen as she remembers,
And before the cock crows tumbles to her shoe.
And their shivering, a refugee from the cold.
A tiny beige and half asleep sparrow.

Picolla feeds it – they have crumbs a plenty,
And bounds to her parents, “Look what St. Nicholas left me!
It’s the best gift a girl could get”
I’ve decided to christen it Picollete
And all eyes glisten with tears of joy.


Picolla is from the Musea Vaults. For many years, each December issue of Musea, has been my annual original Christmas Story issue. See this year’s story and more at

Flowers for your Table (art)

November 28, 2013

blu bu-k

The Tea (a lesson about having enough)

November 28, 2013

The tea he had left, was cold.

So the master poured from the steaming pot

poured and poured till it overflowed

and burnt his hand. He dropped his cup.

And it shattered to pieces that covered the floor.

“Now there’s room to fill it up.”