Diane Rehm Show on Wealth Disparity Today

Today 9/12/13, The Diane Rehm Show on NPR radio,  is talking about the disparity of wealth in the US that has reached it’s worst point in a hundred years. The panel seem to mostly accept it as the way of the future.

The moderator asked at one point, “Does it matter?”
Here is my response to him and the panel.

“Does it matter?”
No – the majority of Americans love loosing hope, being under the heel of injustice, and suffering from bottomless greed from the rich! … Moderator, why did you say such a stupid statement?

Part of the problem of the disparity of wealth, is the consolidation of the media. They have shifted from issues of millions to scandal of the few.

Proof is easy –
where is the talk of CBA’s community bank accounts, that for the cost of one war would end poverty in the US.
where is the talk of National Hiring Day that would spotlight hiring thousands in one day,
where is the talk of Wiki College that would give free education to all.
where is there talk of the new biological ideas that trace greed back to lack of breast feeding in childhood – an easily solvable health trauma,.

In other words – where is discussion of anything progressive that would help end this disparity?


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One Response to “Diane Rehm Show on Wealth Disparity Today”

  1. Christopher Maxwell Says:

    This is why it is vital for supporters of the 99% to build Low Power FM community radio stations that will have this discussion localized to their areas! The application window is October … you just need a nonprofit and a willingness to carry programming like Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman or similar to be a response to the cumulative millions of watts of Rush Limbaugh.
    For more info a helpful website is http://www.PrometheusRadio.org
    (Disclaimer: I don’t work for PR nor get any compensation)

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