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Five Doors to the Art Revolution (video series)

September 27, 2013

This short youtube video series introduces some of the main points of an art revolution in music, writing, art, etc. etc.

Kissing Couple (art)

September 26, 2013


Sleep caused by the Small Intestines (Jejunum) not the Pineal Gland?

September 15, 2013

Whoa! it’s believe it or not time – this has to do with the jejunum.
Seems it may be the source of both SLEEP, and fear reflex VOMITING.

Book on sleep Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine Chapter 27 (online)

These thoughts raise the issue of whether there may be changes in the GI system with food ingestion that could produce a hypnotic effect. Along these lines, an intriguing observation was made by Alverez[73] in 1920. He noted that distention of a jejunal balloon caused his human subject to drop off to sleep. The hypnotic effects of afferent intestinal stimulation have also been documented in animal studies. Perhaps the most notable work was a study which induced cortical synchronization in cats by both mechanical and electrical stimulation of the small bowel.[74]

73. Alverez WC: Physiologic studies on the motor activities of the stomach and bowel in man. Am J Physiol 1920; 88:658-660.
74. Kukorelli T, Juhasz G: Sleep induced by intestinal stimulation in cats. Physiol Behav 1976; 19:355-358.

This too from wikipedia: If the jejunum is impacted by blunt force the emesis reflex (vomiting) will be initiated.

Finally most of the melatonin comes from, not your head but your gastrointestinal tract. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep.
Levels of melatonin rise as the body temperature falls, to encourage feelings of sleepiness. The opposite occurs to wake us up.

“The concentration of melatonin in the gastrointestinal tissues surpasses blood levels by 10–100 times and there is at least 400× more melatonin in the gastrointestinal tract than in the pineal gland.”


Outside Window (art)

September 15, 2013

Outside windows

My 7th CD – Contents

September 13, 2013

My new CD, the 7th in a 10 CD, 120 plus, song cycle, called “7-th One”, is now OFFICIALLY out! This is back to basics, voice and standard guitar, music. I call it “This guitar is as good as a band”- music. You can hear it either by going to the website or by contacting me for a copy. You can trade something for it, or you can get it free, if you help me promote it by telling people about it. This time around I recorded at Crystal Clear Sound Studios, Dallas, in Studio B. That’s a new studio and a new audio engineer – Nolan Brett (wonderful to work with). I hope you will like it.

CONTENTS of ” 7-th ONE”
1 That’s Alright Mama: I like to start off with a good fast one. Here’s my version of the Elvis hit. (composer Crudup)
2 And I Love Her: This Beatles love song has one of the best lyric lines “Bright are the stars that shine/ Dark is the sky.” A perfect quatro. I love it! (Lennon McCartney)
3 Because: Another hit from the mid 60’s. This one made famous by the Dave Clark 5 (Clark)
4 Morning: The first of two short original instrumentals – a great wake up song.
5 Night : The 2nd of two. The music is more dark, like the night.
6 S.Y.W.T.B.A.R.N.R.S. : Stands for, ‘So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star’, a song made popular by the Byrds. Note the middle lead – I’m proud of it. (McGuinn,Hillman)
7 Dumb Dumb: Lively original instrumental with a “Hey!” chorus.
8 Tears On My Pillow: The great ballad made famous by Little Anthony and the Imperials. This one changes keys from B flat to C. (Bradford, Lewis).
9 Wildwood Flower: Short Country style instrumental of the Carter Family classic. Note the ‘push the guitar to get the last note’ last note. (Carter).
10 Amy: My upbeat original love song for all “Amys”.
11 Don’t Let The Sun: More from the British Invasion of the 60’s. This originally done by Gerry and the Pacemakers. (Marsden, Marsden, Chadwick, Maguire).
12 Cat’s Meow #2: This is my 2nd version of this original. This time around it’s a slow and dramatic look at a woman who is “a fashion plate – quite a dish!” – another lead middle I like (and remember this and all leads are just one guitar).
13 Coffee: mini Instrumental built on guitar harmonics. Can you hear the coffee bubbling?
14 God Bless The Child: I like to end my CD’s with a “Big” song. That’s a song that usually starts out slow and quiet and grows to symphonic levels of emotion! This Billy Holiday song fits the bill! Note the final looooooooooong note. (Holiday, Herzong Jr.).