Rock n Roll (poems)

ROCK AND ROLL ( and music revolution) POEMS (and sayings)

rock and roll’
is over for me
it’s gotten boring
and refuses to change

Rock used to reel against a boring world. Now it has become a boring world.
Good musicians oppose it.

good musicians
don’t play rock
instead they rebel
against what it’s become

ROCK AND ROLL in its earliest decade was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music that came before. Today it’s cloning that rebellion in generic copies.

The More musicians sound alike, the more they are praised.

Time for a shake up of the fake stuff

Shake up
fake stuff

When music starts opposing what rock has become instead of falling into it’s generic molds, then it’ll be exciting again. (and i’ll be impressed.)

Bands were:
cutting edge in the 60’s
played out in the 70’s
redundant in the 80’s
boring in the 90’s
a formula in the 00’s
left behind in the 10’s

Rock is the BEAT
Roll is the MAGIC

POSTMOD MUSIC – the first new music since the 3 company monopoly (Warners,Universal, Sony) took over.

More circus than soul! – Corporate Music.

Has rock n roll jumped the shark?

Rock n roll used to rebel against the establishment. Now it’s used to prop it up.

What’s important is the quality of the music – I like how all the voices are auto tuned to robot levels, and the musicians sound like karaoke – that’s what rock and roll has always been about!?! – Art S Revolutionary

When no music is played on air except band music – music will never progress.

Time to put the roll back in rock. Roll is the grease in the machine.

A no hit wonder has no career. A one hit wonder has a career for life.

Too many music arrangements, smother their songs.

Bands are a 60 year old format that was played out 50 years ago.

Some of us think that the music business is stuck in the same electric guitar, bass, and drums formula done better 60 years ago. Some of us think the real creativity is to break free of bands and go a different way from the 60 year old path that everyone else is on.
We call it postism music. It’s back to basics music, with emphasis on quality songs and melody more than the personality performing them.

History of Rock in Roll in verse and song

The first singer that says, “I won’t be auto-tuned to sound like a machine” will be accused by critics of not being able to sing on pitch!

Music now is down to Coke or Pepsi, Swift or Beyonce.

The FORMULA: electric guitars, bass, and drums.

Post Bands Music
is the essence of a song.
At its best it’s simple,
honest, and profound.

Time to either dump rock and roll or go back to it’s roots and play it right!

Say no to bands and force musicians to be creative again!

It is easier to oppose Big Brother from the novel 1984 than to oppose the Rock and Roll establishment.


Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s turned middle age and become a bore.
It’s everything it used to oppose.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll is corporate and dull.
It’s phony music that’s lost its soul.
It’s paint-​by-​number and rotten to the core.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Base, drums, and guitars are so so-so.
Enough of the clones of clones of clones.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Its taken 60 years but now it’s so.
It’s lost the beat and doesn’t roll.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s a has-been and It’s your father’s olds.
It’s spirit is gone and the choir all knows
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.     (c) Tom Hendricks, 2010,, but free to reprint in full. (Just one person’s opinion)

This guitar is as good as a band. ( Pet Dog Guitar – my Silvertone standard guitar  from 1964)

Don’t Let good musicians be marginalized by corporate fake music.

Anyone can write a BAD song. Just ask a POP star.

everything’s great
everything’s fake!

When rock started, those musicians were rebelling against a boring world – now they’ve become the boring world!

The real news is the music revolution – I may be the only person on the planet to oppose what rock/rap/country/pop have become, but I doubt if I’ll be the last.”

Renounce boredom
Get back to basics
dump corporate music,
over productions
and clone band mode.
Step forward
with something new.
Break out!

Hunkasaurus –  1 standard guitar, 1 voice, and 1 revolution.

For all of history, until now – innovative musicians were leading the mainstream, not marginalized by it.

Modern music is like sneakers. There are hundreds of types of sneakers; but they are all sneakers. Why not wear a different type of shoe once in a while?

Should 5 musicians get more media coverage than all the rest of the world’s musicians combined?  Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, or Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).

History of Rock in Roll in verse and song

Jazz changed America, but rock and roll changed the world!

Hunkasaurus – a box office star!

Photo shopped
auto tuned
lip syncing –

Even when I haven’t heard a new bands song, I can honestly say I’ve heard it before.

Lip syncing – tongue in cheek!

Why do we celebrate the generics and marginalize the innovative?

What’s a hit song?  The real hits are songs that every singer wants to record, and every musician wants to learns how to play.

Who in their right mind doesn’t think that there will be a backlash against what music has become?

Guitars, bass, drums …
it’s been done!

Current corporate mainstream music is a mix of Country, Rock, Rap, Pop = C.R.A.P.

What’s a hit song? A song that every singer wants to sing and every musician wants to learn how to play.

A great song will cover a lot of errors in the recording; even make most of them endearing

If you are in a band, you’re 60 years too late!

Bands, you’re not breaking new ground, you’re following a 60 year old format

Rock and Roll in its earliest decades was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music then. Today its cloning that rebellion in fake generic copies.

Used to be that the best artists (of all kinds) led the way. Now these artist have become marginalized and gotten out of the way!

The only way to bring any vitality back to music, is to first dump bands (electric guitar, bass, and drums). When you are forced outside of the 60 year formula, then you have to do something new. Postmod music includes everything that is not a band and not trying to be. We need a break from bands.

Musicians, if you are going to be another band, another Beatle clone with electric guitar, bass, and drums, 60 years after it was great and new; you’d better be better than the Beatles, and I know you are not because you are imitating them.

More about the music revolution part of the art revolution:


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5 Responses to “Rock n Roll (poems)”

  1. musea Says:

    Reblogged this on Musea Zine and commented:

    MUSEA Vaults – Music Revolution: Comments, Poems, Sayings

  2. musea Says:

    You seem to e ready for better music. Will you vote on a video to help make it so? “Texas Video Showdown”

  3. musea Says:

    It’s clear to me that before any indy can make a living beyond a few t-shirts and cd’s we will have to work together to end the corporate music that is down to about 5 pop stars and 3 mega music corporations – the Big 3. That’s why I started the Texas Video Showdown, a video that brings the conflict to one point, one video, one challenge, one vote.
    Every indie musician will have to make a choice, be marginalized by a handful of pop stars that make millions and millions on sound alike music, or oppose it and open music to everyone again, like it used to be decades ago.

  4. musea Says:

    Have you noticed how the music today sounds the same as it did 10 years ago. That’s because it has not grown or improved. t’s stayed stagnant.

    To this current generation, don’t allow all your best musicians, writers, painters, and filmmakers to be marginalized by a handful of media corporations.

    We’ve had 50 years of bands trying to be the next Beatles. It ain’t going to happen. Quit pretending you’re doing something new. It’s getting silly. Time to move on to something different.

  5. musea Says:

    You don’t buy a record to look at it – on music videos.

    Most of the best bands playing today wouldn’t even have gotten on the radio in the 60’s.

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