Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber (5 musicians left)

What’s important is the quality of the music – I like how all the voices are auto tuned to robot levels, and the musicians sound like karaoke – that’s what rock and roll has always been about. – Art S Revolutionary

Well it looks like we’re down to 5 musicians in the country: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber … and a few wannabees.
This is the best music in a world of billions right?

Maybe it’s time for the music revolution in the wings. WOW or Post-Bands music. It dumps the divas and the auto tuned crowd completely.  PS Where is the media? Why don’t they talk about the first real alternative music in decades?”

The praise grows as the music declines! Let me be the first musician in the world to say rock/pop/country/rap is over. There I said it. It’s become everything it started out rebelling against. Let it join barbershop quartets, and ragtime as last century music.  When every song sounds generic and over produced, I want a change:

Rock and roll started out being exciting and worth saving. Not now. What’s to save? divas, boy bands, auto tuned voices, alt groups that rebel against low ticket prices?
There is a new music that I advocate: WOW*, world open wide or Post-Bands Music – it upsets everybody in the fake music business.””


*WOW, world open wide or Post-Bands Music- its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world. (And It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).


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