TED Talk – Why Do We Sleep (comment)

My response to the TED talk by Russell Foster:

You are not finding why we sleep in the head brain, because that’s not it. Sleep is in most animals, and most of those, don’t have much of a head brain at all. But they do have digestive systems and want to reproduce. When you are unconscious during sleep, that’s because your head brain is pretty much unconscious.

The ENS or enteric nervous system is the key here. Digestion and sex are key here – the real bio mainstreams of all living things. Hormones including sex hormones are release during sleep. Testosterone in males , and cortisol is highest at wake up. Digestion stops in sleep – a big reason we don’t sleep is to stop us from eating and let the digestive system finish, stop and recycle water from the colon for next day’s digestion. The liver switches from bile production to digest fats during the wake time, to sleep time chemical synthesis and toxin processing. Look to the colon biota – colon contractions during sleep match exactly the REM periods. Then on waking colon waste is ready to excrete out. So sleep is for next days digestion, sex, waste out, and one more. Sleep is a major key to all immune processes. More white blood cells in sleep. So winding all this up – it has very little to do with the head brain and almost all to do with 1. next day’s digestion 2. sexual hormones, 3. waste out and water retrieval from colon, and 4. immune system.. In other words, I think this speaker is not right at all.



UPDATE,  There is an active glymphatic system during sleep that cleans the brain system.
Perhaps the entire body is going through a reset for the next day’s  nurturing in. (3.2015)


BIOLOGY HYPOTHESIS http://wp.me/p5S9X-eO
UV PAPER http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/U/UV_origin_of_life.html
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.


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